Emotional Reunion for Dog and Owner in Oklahoma


By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Thanks to social media, a dog who was found mud-covered and standing by the body of a man who'd died in Monday's devastating tornado in Moore, Okla., has been reunited with her owner. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office tweeted her photo on Monday, and shared it on Facebook on Tuesday, with the post: "Man's best friend to end. The dog was standing guard over a deceased individual, possibly its owner..." The office followed up saying one of its deputies would be interested in adopting the dog.

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Millions viewed and commented on the moving photo - including Sheila Collins, who told the office that the dog's owner, her brother, was actually alive, and desperately searching for Susie. The 12-year-old Schipperke-Border Collie mix and her owner, Curtis Collins, had an emotional reunion on Wednesday. Susie and Curtis Collins live about a half-mile away from where she was found, and didn't know the man she was found with. Collins has asked anyone who was touched by their story to consider making a donation to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society to help in the aftermath of the storm. - Read it at Ohio's Toledo News Now, see more reunion stories from Today and learn how to help in Oklahoma

More news from Oklahoma:

  • Texas Task Force 1 found two dogs safe in a crate under a pile of rubble they were searching through on Wednesday and carried them to safety. - See photo on Facebook

  • The American Humane Association has mobilized its Red Star Rescue Team, and is teaming up with Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation and several other partners to help animals in Oklahoma

  • K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs, who've been on the scene in Newtown, Conn., and Boston recently, have been offering support at churches for tornado victims - Follow them on Facebook

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