How to Choose the Perfect Pet Name

By: Cheryl Lock |

One of the first major decisions you'll have to make after taking home a new pet is what to call him. You could be using this name for the next 18+ years of your and your pet's life, so choosing the right one is very important. For starters, you'll want a name that will be easy for your animal to understand, and something that doesn't sound too much like the commands you could be using for your pet, like no, sit, stay, etc.

Aside from those beginner considerations, here are a few other ways to come up with a name that's as unique as your new pet is.

Get Creative

If you believe this could be your first dog or cat in a long line of pets to come, you might consider trying to get creative with all your would-be-pet's names. For example, we know one couple who named their first dog Uno. Their follow-up dogs were named Duo, Trey, Ivy (for the Roman numeral IV, representing four), etc.

Another way to get creative would be to wait a while to name your new pet until you get to know her personality, and then use that to pick a name. For example, an independent, strong-willed female cat could be named Amazon, or a slightly off-kilter, clumsy pup could be a Bruiser.

Get Cultural
Some pet owners decide to use their pet's breed for a little naming inspiration. For example, a German Shepherd could be Greta or Liesel, while a French Poodle might do well to be called Delmont, or Adele.

Get Geographic
Perhaps the place where you got your new furry friend from can help lead you to the perfect name. For example, a pup purchased from a breeder in the Bronx could be called Bronx, or a kitten picked up in Charlotte could be named after her city as well. This naming convention of course won't work for every city, but if it works for your particular circumstance, it could be a cute way to commemorate where your pet came from.

Get Sentimental
Are you a big fan of literature? Or is music your thing? Another popular way to name your animal is to name her after your favorite musician or writer. For example, fans of Pride and Prejudice might appreciate owning a Mr. Wickam, and Harry Potter fans might not mind taking care of a Weasley, or a Hermione.

Over on the musical front, some basics might include Steinway or Harmony or Melody. For more literal names, you could of course go for a Mozart, a Wolfgang, or even a Ziggy.

Whatever you decide, just take your time, and give your pet's name the thought and care it deserves. One other thing to keep in mind when picking a name for your pet--make it something you wouldn't mind having to call out in public from time to time.

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