8 pet videos improved by Super Mario

I love CNET's post earlier today about a bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher. My second favorite part: the lizard looking at his owner all, "A little help here? I don't have thumbs." My real favorite part: the soundtrack, which is the music from old-school Super Mario Bros. I don't know why, but that song brings me joy; my brother and I used to sing it while we were doing the dishes. (On Thanksgivings, we usually wound up singing the entire game.)

This is how I wound up on YouTube for over an hour, giggling like a sugared-up child at mash-ups of cats and Super Mario music. You can run through them a lot faster since I've gathered my 7 favorites all in one place for you.

1. SUPER MARIO CAT (milradon)
A black cat, banished to the bathroom, jumps at the doorknob -- and hits coins instead.

2. Super Mario cats (ryanhashairyeyes)
Ryan's felines + a Chinese yo-yo = hilarity.

3. Cat plays Super Mario Bros. (jsindal)
If by "plays," you mean "is green-screened onto, and doesn't really do anything except look perplexed by Mario's incessant sproinging around." For some reason that makes it even funnier.

4. Kitten attacks Super Mario (amgv84)
In which tiny Mario becomes a cat toy for Stinky.

5. NSFW: A Cat Riding A Turtle With Super Mario? (zyxworld)
Look out for the salty language -- but if you can live with a few F-bombs, the fluffy kitten riding the equally unconcerned turtle is worth it.

6. Super mario Drama Prairie Dog (Hotelfboy55)
The only thing this meme mash-up is missing is a double rainbow.

7. Keyboard Cat Plays Mario (spudz555)
The effects on this one made my eyes twitch, but it's a cute idea.

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