7 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

By: Cheryl Lock | Pet360.com

If your cat is anything like mine, well let's just say she's not the cuddliest animal of the bunch. Don't get me wrong - when she's in the mood she can hang around for a good scratch for quite some time, but it's definitely got to be on her own terms.

As it turns out, Penny's reluctance towards affection isn't all that surprising - her breed just isn't, well, bred for it. There are, however, certain cat breeds that are known for their affectionate, loving demeanors. We contacted the Cat Fanciers Association to find out what they are.

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The gentle Persian is known for its sweet, affectionate personality. They easily adapt to all kinds of households, and their love of play makes them a great addition to homes with children.

Often compared in demeanor to Persians, Exotics are known for their quiet, endearing nature, an ideal breed for anyone looking to add an affectionate, peaceful and loyal companion to their home.

American Shorthair
Sweet, amiable and playful are a few of the adjectives often used to describe the American Shorthair. Their longevity, good health and personality make them a great family pet.

While it's true that Ragdolls are often considered laidback, this breed also tends to be more interested in their humans than some other breeds. Don't be surprised if your Ragdoll makes a habit of greeting you at the door, following you from room to room or sleeping with you every night.

Playful and intelligent, the Manx is also known to be highly devoted to their families. They are often called "dog-like" in their family loyalty and their love of play, and they tend to get along splendidly with both humans and other family pets alike.

A RagaMuffin's glorious coat and big eyes will draw you in, making you want to pet them for hours on end - so it's a good thing that they love attention. RagaMuffins develop extremely strong bonds with their families, and their calm and patient demeanor makes them the perfect companions for children and other pets

British Shorthair
Easygoing, calm and very affectionate, the British Shorthair is also known for becoming very attached to their people. They get along well with people, but aren't in love with the idea of being held or carried.

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