5 Chattiest Cat Breeds

By Samantha Drake | Pet360.com

What is your cat trying to tell you? Whatever it is, you should pay attention.

Some cats vocalize more often than others, but they all have their own set of kitty sounds, from meowing and trilling to get their people's attention to chirps and chattering when on the hunt or while bird watching, to purring with contentment. And let's not forget the hissing, growling, and howling.

Cat owners often say they can tell what their pet's different communications mean. Depending on the pitch and volume of a cat's meow, trill, or chirp, he or she could be saying "feed me now," "pet me now," "I want that," or if you're lucky, "welcome home!"

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Here are 5 of the most vocal cat breeds.

1. Siamese
This breed is the first that comes to mind when the subject of talkative cats comes up and is often referred to as a "chatterbox." Siamese cats have a distinctive cry that sounds like a human baby as well as a repertoire of other cat sounds. Affectionate and curious, Siamese cats can talk all day long.

2. Peterbald
A relatively new hairless cat breed of Russian origin, the Peterbald has an outgoing personality and is very vocal. With its elegant, unique looks, people listen when a Peterbald talks.

3. Sphynx
Another hairless breed, the Sphynx is active and affectionate. This cat breed is very social and potential owners of a Sphynx must like chatty kitties because the Sphynx will not be ignored.

4. LaPerm
This wavy- to curly-coated breed always has a lot to say, but tends to say it quietly and politely. LaPerms love to cuddle and be with their people. The LaPerm is a capable working cat that can easily transition from fierce mouse hunter to a gentle and loving lap cat.

5. Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex likes to be the center of attention and won't hesitate to speak up to claim the spotlight. Exotic-looking and slim, the Cornish Rex has a wavy but somewhat fragile coat.

Can you tell what your cat is trying to say?

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