10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2013 (According to Google Searches)

By Laura Cross and Shayna Meliker

Whether they captured our hearts with their charming personalities or captured our attention with headlines, books and movies, we all have our favorite dog breeds that we want to know more about.

In its annual end-of-the-year Zeitgeist, Google recounts the most searched people, places and topics of 2013. On Tuesday, it released its top 10 most searched dog breeds. Did your favorite breed make the list?

No. 1: Bulldog

(photo credit:
Robin Burkett, Animal Photography/vetstreet.com)

With his precious wrinkled face and easygoing personality, it's no surprise that the Bulldog tops Google's list of most searched dog breeds!

No. 2: Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is tiny, talkative and the pet of choice for many celebrities. He might be No. 2 on Google, but he will do whatever he can to be No. 1 with his human of choice.

No. 3: Poodle

The Poodle is one of the most versatile dog breeds around. You can find her (in all her primped and preened glory) performing in the show ring, racing through agility courses or simply enjoying the company of her family.

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No. 4: Golden Retriever

What's not to love about the Golden Retriever? This popular family dog is cheerful, friendly and, best of all, always wears a huge grin.

No. 5: Pug

(photo credit:
Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography/vetstreet.com)

The endearing Pug draws in his many admiring fans with his bulging eyes, wrinkled mug, stubby legs and corkscrew tail... and then he wins them over with his charming personality. This year, the comical breed starred in many of our favorite videos: "Celebrate Christmas, Pug Style," "Four Pugs and a Sled," and "Pug Gets Emotional at End of 'Homeward Bound.'"

No. 6: Pomeranian

If we had to guess, we'd say a certain Pom named Boo helped make his breed one of the top 10 most searched types of dogs. But the Pomeranian isn't new to being popular - this spunky canine became quite trendy in 1888 when Queen Victoria fell in love with one while vacationing in Italy.

No. 7: Shih Tzu

The compact Shih Tzu was originally bred for royalty in her homeland of China, and, trust us, she knows it! It's no surprise that her loyal, lap-dog personality is a favorite among dog lovers.

No. 8: Collie
(photo credit:
Sally Anne Thomopson, Animal Photography/vetstreet.com)

Since skyrocketing to fame with the popularity of Lassie, the Collie has maintained his impressive standing as a devoted family dog. This affectionate canine loves to expend his energy with fun activities like learning tricks or competing in herding events.

No. 9: Beagle

When the Beagle found out that she made Google's top 10 most searched breeds list, she probably let out a long "Aaaaarrrroooooh!" Any dedicated Beagle fan knows this classic howl well... and loves it!

No. 10: Maltese

The sweet little Maltese is the quintessential companion dog, and he knows that his job is to love and be loved. Despite his tiny frame, he's got a whole lot of hair that needs daily grooming. But don't worry, he's happy to cuddle in your lap while you brush!

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