Worst Parent of the Week: Illinois Couple Heads to Vegas, Leaves Kids Home Alone

Sarah B. Weir, Shine Senior Writer

Many kids have "Home Alone" fantasies, but the reality of being left to fend for your self as a child is a lot scarier and more dangerous. Two Chicago kids, ages twelve and nine, got to find out for themselves when their parents left them for two days and took a jaunt to Sin City.

What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. On Tuesday, March 20, police charged Antowain Johnson, thirty-six, and Shanpreta Howard, thirty-four, with misdemeanor child endangerment reported ABC News.

In the days leading up to the trip, Facebook posts suggested that the parents were stoked about their plans:

"I am really excited about this trip……ready to go n enjoy myself," posted mom.

"Hangover Part 3," dad replied.

The kids were a little less pumped. Reportedly, the parents left for their trip on Wednesday evening, February 22, and the next day, the 12-year-old tattled to his teacher who then informed the police. The police took the children to stay with an aunt until the parents returned home the following day. One wonders why they weren't staying with her in the first place. The Illinois Department of Child Welfare is currently investigating the case.

Going by the parents' Facebook posts and photos added during their vacation, mom and dad enjoyed the sights and Johnson even let his friends know when he was headed out to a strip club. Upon their return home, mom and dad still didn't seem to get it. Howard posted, "LOVE [OUR] KIDS WITH ALL OUR HEART N WILL TRAVEL TO THE END OF THE WORLD FOR THEM." Notice the key word, "for" not "with."

Only Illinois and Maryland currently have laws on the books regarding the minimum age permitted to leave a child alone. How old do you think kids should be before they can stay at home overnight unsupervised? Please let us know in the comments below.

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