Twins Separated at Birth Meet for the First Time. Get Out Your Hankies.

Fraternal twin girls separated at birth reunited this week after their adoptive parents began to believe that the pair were related.

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Chinese sisters Ella and Anna were separated and abandoned as babies in China—one was left on a doorstep of a hospital, the other at a park. Shortly after, two different families adopted the girls: Karen Kandl and Joe Pechmann of North Carolina adopted Anna, while Michigan couple Teresa and Randy Cuares adopted Ella.

Through the adoption process, the couples met and stayed in touch through Facebook. However, the mothers' intuitions soon kicked in after they noticed the girls had one important thing in common. Explained Teresa Cuares, "As soon as we realized that the girls shared birthdays, Karen had emailed me and said, 'Do you think it’s a possibility that they’re twins?'" So they arranged for the girls to undergo DNA testing. The results? Twin sisters!

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This week, the two families met up and Anna and Ella were reunited for the first time since being separated more than seven years ago. The pair swapped toys and played together, solidifying their sisterly bond. Now, the families plan to stay in touch by writing each other letters and making plans for the girls to see each other periodically. Hooray for happy endings!

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