The Best Kind of Mom Facebook Statuses

When you scroll through your newsfeed, what do you gravitate toward? For me, it’s the stuff that makes me laugh or think, oh, I’ve so been there. I love when other moms admit (in clever, anecdote form) that they’re not perfect. We’re all doing our best at this parenting thing and if a quick Facebook perusal can make you feel better about your own shortcomings (or your own sassy spawn), it’s a win. The stuff I never “like”: blatant bragging, poop talk, super earnest “I love being a mom!” posts or complaining about sick kids—sorry, I know that’s a popular one. Fortunately, I have a ton of smart, funny, over-sharing moms in my network who blow up my feed with light, likable stuff every day. Here are 10 of my recent favorites….enjoy!

Krista Bennett DeMaio
Aubrey just said that she's drinking "little girl wine." I expect a concerned phone call home from her new nursery school teacher in the near future.

Taryn Kirk Glynn
Bedtime cuddles with Luke.... as he was picking his nose, he asked, "Mommy, do you have a penis?"

Christi Pavlis Wampler
Attempting that Pinterest frozen colored water balloon trick, and after the mess I made, if it doesn't work, I'm filing a class action lawsuit against them for fraud. And suing for extreme emotional distress for all the failed projects I've done.

Marisa Cohen

Molly said to me this morning: "Mom, it's so cool how you always look like you're wearing brown and purple eye shadow, even when you just wake up!" Only a 10-year-old could put a positive spin on my genetic/age/exhaustion dark eye circles.

Heidi Adams
Me: "Look at the moon!" N: "When I get older, I'm going to grab my hover board and spacesuit and fly right up to the moon." Me: "Will you take me with you?" N: "If you're still alive." #facepalm

Christi Pavlis Wampler
I have a naked toddler playing the drums and a boy in a dress doing art. Was this what Woodstock was like?

Meghan Cevey
Someone at work just told me I "looked nice and comfortable today" that a polite way of telling me I look like sh*t?

Jess Dukes
Oh, bless. Alanna was practicing writing her spelling words before her (first-ever!) spelling test today. She kept writing with her eyes closed, so I said, "Honey, open your eyes and look at what you're writing." She came back with, "No! Ms. Jackson said we weren't allowed to look at our spelling words when we take the test!"

Amanda Hertig Cullinan
I figured out why there was a delay. More time for Brody to figure out something brilliant to do, like sticking his tongue to a pole at the bus stop. Yes, it works and yes, he is home today in a lot of pain. Did I mention Chase helped him out by pushing him off? #wickedsmartkids

Julie Klam
Someone offered me a seat on the subway; not sure if I should root for 'looks old' or 'looks pregnant.'

Courtney Wolf Emerick

That moment when you didn't realize the iPad was on shuffle & the nap time lullabies suddenly switch to Biggy Smalls.....

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