Teen's Nude Photos Shared as Punishment. Dumbest Parenting Moment Ever

This guy shouldn't teach anyone anything ever again.

If you're wondering whether your boyfriend will make a good dad someday, ask yourself: is his name Eugene Foster? If so, then no.

When Foster, a 31-year-old Arizona man, found a nude photo on his girlfriend's daughter's phone, he decided to step up to the parenting plate and teach her about the dangers of so-called 'sexting'. He forwarded the photo to all 38 of her phone contacts. Just so she could see how easy it would be if someone actually sent her photo around. D'oh.

Ironically, Foster learned the most valuable lesson of all: that kind of thing gets you arrested on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. Sending nude photos of an underage person around can also make you eligible for child pornography distribution charges, according to Forbes, which picked up the story from a local news outlet. At this point, however, investigators believe Foster's actions were nothing more than an idiotic attempt at being a disciplinarian.

Meanwhile back in this poor teenager's land of hell, the big lesson learned is that mom needs help choosing better guys. The girl, who snapped the photo of herself, now has to worry about far more than 38 people invading her privacy. Her high school has reached out to parents of students to get her classmates to delete the photo so it doesn't end up going viral.

As for Foster, he remains in police custody and, likely, in the dog house with the women in his life. Maybe that will give him some time to think about about what he's done.

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