Student's Yearbook Photo Banned by Her Peers for Being 'Too Sexy'

Yearbook photo
Yearbook photo

She's too sexy for her yearbook/Too sexy for her yearbook/So sexy it

... okay, I can't think of anything that rhymes with "yearbook." Oh well. In any case, Durango (Colorado) High School Senior Sydney Spies is, apparently, too sexy for her yearbook: Her picture was apparently too smokin' hot to be published in the final version.

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Right about now you're thinking some stuffy old principal or prissy PTA president pulled the plug on Spies' glamour shot. But NO! It wasn't an adult who deemed the sultry senior's likeness Not Safe For School.

No, Spies was betrayed by a jury (of sorts) of her very own peers ...

It's true. Though Spies initially pointed the finger at her school's administrators, it turned out her yearbook's student editors made the call: That chick's yearbook photo is too damn hot!

Um, sour grapes, anyone? To be fair, the student editors did have a "legit" reason for rejecting Spies' photo -- apparently her outfit (a tiny yellow skirt and a black "shawl" exposing her belly and shoulders) violated the school dress code.

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Still. I find it kind of ... odd ... that the students went ahead and put the kibosh on Spies' photo even after the official Yearbook Advisor, Tammy Schreiner, washed her hands of the decision:

"I can tell the kids all of the things that will happen if they run it and all of the things that will happen if we don't run it. But I know that if I personally pulled it, I would be as guilty of censorship as anyone else."

So if "da man" wasn't pressuring the student editors to clean up the yearbook's pages, what was their motivation?

See, this is where I go back to the sour grapes thing.

Look, I saw the actual pic. I found it over-the-top and obnoxious and tacky and completely inappropriate. But I still think that "inappropriate" is ... sort of an odd call for a bunch of high school kids to make.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm betting Sydney Spies stole somebody's boyfriend ...

Why do you think Sydney Spies' classmates rejected her sexy yearbook photo?

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Written by Jacqueline Burt on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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