Stocking stuffers that wow

We all put a lot of thought into the BIG holiday gifts for the kids, but how do your stocking stuffers match up? Toy expert and President of, Laurie Schacht, stopped by “The Shine” to share some fantastic and affordable stocking stuffer ideas that your kids will love just as much as all those other gifts. Plus, she brought two great, traditional stocking stuffer ideas for mom and dad as well. How are your stocking stuffers fairing this season?

For kids ages 3 and up:

Slinky Musical Box Special Edition: the good old fashioned slinky never fails. It’s still a kid favorite after all these years. ($9.99)

RoseArt Scraps: kids will love this reusable arts and crafts project. Your kids can create little creatures made from pom poms, buttons, hooks and more. All different types of creatures are available. Parents will love it because there’s no mess and no clean up, just fun. ($9.99)

Power Rangers Deluxe Megazord-Samurai Gigazord: as Laurie says “it’s the year of the super Samurai”. These figures come in both warrior form and they transform into vehicle form. Kids can collect these and create their own figures, and Power rangers continue to gain in popularity. ($19.99)

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For kids ages 6-9:

Jazzwares Headphones: For young girls, there’s nothing they love more right now than the uber-popular boy band One Direction so get them a pair of these super cool headphones. They have One Direction graphics all over, they’re very “blinged out”, and they really have become a fashion statement for the girls. Plus, you can pair this stocking stuffer with a Jazzwares boom box as one of their bigger gifts so your daughter can listen to her favorite tunes all day long (or maybe just when you allow it). ($19.99)

Codee: This ridiculously fun to play with fidget toy is also a puzzle or in other words, a DNA challenge for your kids. Codee has 64 different links on it and each link has it’s own code. When you follow the code (just like a strand of DNA) your kid will create a creature. There are tons of creatures to choose from and it’s both fun and engaging. ($7.99)

Muscle Machines: who will like these better: boys or their dads? The cars have these big supped up engines, great graphics, and cool big wheels – everything a young boy would want in their dream car. These are the smallest size, perfect for a stocking stuffer.  ($5.99)

For everyone to enjoy:

Left Center Right: Games get the whole family together. Left Center Right is a fast paced dice game that’s perfect for family night or game night with friends.  It’s great for all ages.

What about mom and dad who spend so much time and energy on the gifts for the kids? They deserve a token stocking stuffer as well, but sometimes, mom and dad enjoy a simple, traditional gift.

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For mom:

Boyfriend Perfume by Kate Walsh: What mom doesn’t love a great perfume that she can wear on a daily basis? We recommend the latest from actress Kate Walsh, her “Boyfriend” line. You can go for the original "Boyfriend", which is more of a softer smell, or “Boyfriend Billionaire” which is a bit more sophisticated (more suitable for the evening). ($20+)

For dad:

Brookstone Comfort Slippers: They’re a staple gift that any kind of father will love. Whether it’s to grab the morning paper, walk the dog, or just hang around the house, a nice pair of comfort slippers will become a daddy staple. ($39.95)

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