Snoop Dogg Smokes Pot with His Son

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By Brian Braiker
The internet is, ahem, alight today because Snoop Dogg's son tweeted a few pictures of himself smoking weed with his famous dad.

Corde Calvin Broadus is 18, aspires to be a rapper like is dad, and, also like his dad, is apparently quite the marijuana aficionado.

One photo young Broadus tweeted shows him lighting his dad's bong. Another shows the two of them rolling joints side by side.

So, the family that tokes together, uh, jokes together? Maybe. Not everyone was amused, though. Celebrity Baby Scoop clucked its tongue, calling the pictures "controversial," and HollywoodLife went so far as to call Snoop a "bad father."

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Still. It's hard, as the blog Crushable points out, to get too worked up over this.

After all Snoop, who recently converted to Rastafarianism and changed his name to Snoop Lion, first gained notoriety by spitting heavy-lidded rhymes on an album called the Chronic. Are we that shocked that a man who has so publicly embraced all things sticky and icky would share his passion with his son? At the very least, he's no hypocrite.

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Snoop is by all accounts an attentive and involved father. For two seasons he strutted his unorthodox parenting steez on the E! reality show Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. The man's a community youth football coach. Perhaps people should make more noise over his enthusiastic embrace of his role as a father than his outre lifestyle choice. And, hey, at least he's not this guy.

What are your thoughts? Is Snoop out of line for lighting up with his son?

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