How to Snag a Sitter During the Busy Holiday Season

by Lynn Perkins, CEO and founder, UrbanSitter for

Snagging a Babysitter during the Holidays
Snagging a Babysitter during the Holidays

We all know the holidays seem to creep up faster and faster every year. When you're knee deep in shopping, cooking and caroling, one thing that's nice to cross off your list is the babysitter. You probably have a least a few dates on the calendar, so here are some tips for making it easy.

1. Book now. The best advice you can take is to confirm your sitters now. Even if it's a month out, you'll feel relieved to have it done, especially for dates set in stone such as the company holiday party or a good friend's annual gift exchange. You're also likely get the sitter you want because chances are she's not booked yet.

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2. Choose "off" nights. Saturday nights are by far the most popular in December. If you are considering hosting a dinner party or making reservations out, why not choose a Friday night or even Sunday? The restaurant is less likely to be booked and same for the most popular sitters.

3. Pay more and book multiple dates. If you want to be guaranteed to get your favorite sitter, book her for multiple dates and offer to pay her top dollar for her time. She'll feel special and know you're serious, and hence, take great care of your children.

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4. Hire someone to entertain the kids while you host a dinner party. Can you imagine not having to adhere to every request, wipe every nose, and make the mac 'n cheese while simultaneously entertaining your guests? Sounds like heaven, right? It can be a reality! Book a sitter for a night when you are staying in. Someone to do all the leg work and keep the little people out of the way will ensure that you really enjoy your party. A huge bonus is that you don't have to hire the most experienced (read: expensive) sitter since you'll be there in case of an emergency. Just be sure to inform the sitter of the situation before she arrives.

5. Go out early. Many (young) sitters love booking a job early in the evening so they can hit the town later. If you don't mind getting home by 9, chances are your choice of sitters will be aplenty.

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