What REAL Moms Look like After Giving Birth

When I saw a picture of Rachel Zoe after she'd given birth to her son, Kaius, I couldn't help but giggle. Her hair and make-up are professionally done. And she's wearing an unscathed hospital gown. Because that's reality, right? Truth be told, I was a hot mess after giving birth to both my girls. After delivering my sweet Olive nearly a month ago, I even looked at my husband and said, "I must look like a hot mess." He looked back at me and said I was beautiful (He's a keeper!). And he's right. Because beauty is laboring for hours on end to bring new life into this world. Beauty is that sense of magic when you get to hold your baby for the first time. And these mama friends agree. Here are seven mamas, including me, sharing the miracle of life in their natural beauty. -By Tracy Brennan

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