Pregnancy Time Lapse Video: A Walk Through the Seasons

Jesse Beecher

Not all women would be game for a video shoot while they were experiencing labor pains, but new mom Lyra Burch allowed husband Jesse Beecher to capture the last segment of his short film "Nine Months" only hours before their daughter Madeline was born-after they had already checked in a birthing center.

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"If you look closely, you can see the I.V. in her arm," Beecher told Yahoo Shine. We had to stop a few times so she could breathe through a contraction."

The video, which is subtitled, "A walk through seven states, three seasons, and one pregnancy" was intended to be used as a birth announcement for friends and family. They began filming even before making the news that they were expecting a baby public. "I'd seen similar concepts done with stills, but I'm a documentary filmmaker I so wanted to use moving images."

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Beecher tells the story of Burch's pregnancy against a backdrop of the changing seasons. She starts out in boots and ends in flip flops. It shows her walking past many locations, with her belly growing underneath what looks like the same red t-shirt. It fact, it's three t-shirts. "That's the way Lyra told me we were pregnant," he said. "She came back from Gap with three shirts all the same color in different sizes."

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