Parents Have Their Party-Throwing Kids Arrested

(Newser) - It was just like something out of a TV show, at least at first: Two Connecticut parents returned home from a trip a day early to find their teenage daughters hosting a party at their Glastonbury house last Sunday.

But here's where it diverges a bit from the script: Mom and Dad didn't just yell, they called the cops, reports the Hartford Courant. It was "the right thing to do," an officer says. The girls, 15 and 16, were arrested and charged with permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

It's just a wee bit different than what happened two weeks prior in the same town, also as reported by the Courant: Christopher Nixon, 49, and his wife, Shawn Nixon, 50, were arrested after their teen threw a Sept. 27 party attended by more than 100 teens; neighbors complained, and the responding police found beer, liquor, and a vomiting teen, and picked up the scent of marijuana.

The Nixons, who were home during the party, didn't supply the teens with the items, but police say they "turned a blind eye" to all the illegal activity.

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