An Open Letter to All Grandmas

Grandma and baby

To All The Grandmas:

One of the biggest lessons I've learned as a parent, especially as my brood has grown, is how the old adage, "It takes a village," is one of the truest statements ever uttered. The learning curve as a new parent is so very steep, and the more children that are added, the more of a roller coaster this parenting gig is. Grandmas, you especially play such an important role when it comes to helping to raise and support your grandchildren, which in turn helps to shape us as parents.

Thank you for coming over to hold the newborn so us moms can take a shower.

Thank you for your willingness to field phone calls, no matter what time of day or night, to help pass on your experienced parenting wisdom.

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Thank you for taking out the overflowing trash when you see our parenting hands are full.

Thank you for coming over at the drop of a hat to watch the kids so us moms don't have to pack up the clutch to run out for some much needed milk. And especially thank you for offering to grab the milk on your way over instead.

Thank you for reminding us to breathe as the chaos ensues and we feel like we're on the brink of a breakdown.

Thank you for holding our hands while we cry as we suffer a loss.

Thank you for offering to get lunch on the table for the older kiddo while we are stuck on the couch nursing the little one.

Thank you for supporting our desires and wishes as parents and taking in our parenting requests to help maintain consistency as we raise our kids.

Thank you for offering to pick up Starbucks on your way over, and not asking for any money in return.

Thank you for letting us drop the kids at your place for a couple hours so we can get some much needed "me-time," even if it's just to go grocery shopping by ourselves.

Thanks for stocking your homes with the makings of a toddler's arts and crafts dream come true.

Thanks for keeping our old toys and stuffed animals to pass on to our kids even though we told you to not bother holding on to them once we moved out.

Thanks for placing band-aids on all the boo-boo's with Grandma's special touch when we aren't around to do it ourselves.

Thanks for reading those same books over and over and over to our kids.

Thanks for teaching our children valuable lessons like, "Everyone does it differently," and it's better to say, "I don't care for it," instead of, "I hate that."

Thanks for singing those same songs to our children that you sang to us as little ones.

Thank you for running around the house with the kids doing whatever ridiculous thing they ask of you. You truly do make their imaginary dreams come true.

Thanks for buying those extra treats for our kids at the store, even though we wouldn't buy it for them ourselves. We really do adore the smiles on our kids' faces when they get a special something when grandma comes over.

And mostly, thank you for the lessons you taught us, the mistakes you let us make, the forgiveness you have in your hearts, the support you reign over us, and your undying love you show to our children. There is no one as special as a grandma and we are forever grateful for our children to know these truths.

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-By Tracy Brennan

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