National Sister's Day: "Why I Love My Sister"

Photo by: Courtney Peterson
"Through our adult years, Becky and I have been through a lot. We have been through failed marriages, domestic violence, and financial strain, to name a few. Above all else, we had each other. I remember late nights sitting on the couch, crying to her when I didn't know how to get out of a violent relationship. She would sit there and let me be irrational and cry for as long as I needed. Then, in only a way that she could, would tell me exactly what I needed to hear. It is because of her that I had the strength to leave, and to this day, she continues to be a source of strength for me." -- Courtney Peterson

Even if she drove you completely crazy, stole your favorite pair of jeans, or gave you horrible dating advice, she's your sister and you love her. She's been a built-in friend, laughing with you and caring about you throughout your lives. National Sister's Day is Sunday, August 4th, and in celebration of the special day, we asked Shine readers to share why they love their sisters. Tell us in the comments, why will you always adore your sister? -- Ali Swank