National Letter Writing Day: What Would You Tell Your Kid Self?

Ali Swank
December 7th is National Letter Writing Day.
December 7th is National Letter Writing Day.

While navigating the transition from adolescence to adulthood, we all had our ups and downs. That's life. But what if you could hop in a DeLorean time machine and deliver a letter full of advice to your kid self and make life just a little bit easier? What would you tell that little girl about those mean kids teasing you for being a nerd, or about coping when your mom died much too soon? How many of you wish you hadn't put that baby oil on your face to speed up sun tanning? In honor of National Letter Writing Day on December 7th, below are excerpts from women who wrote a letter of advice to themselves as little girls. Maybe the post office should figure out how to utilize time travel to deliver these words of wisdom.

A Letter to Myself at Age 10

"Don't cry now, just because kids can be so mean and ugly. Someday, you'll have kids of your own. They'll be sweet, beautiful children, and you'll love them so much you won't know how your heart can take it. And though the bullying in schools may get even worse for kids in the next generation, you and your best friends will make a difference for your own children and many others."
- Tavia Fuller Armstrong

Letter to My Kid Self: 28 Years of Life Lessons

"Live your life freely and honestly, and don't let your shyness stop you from accomplishing great things. People are far more accepting than you may think, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams. You may be young, but put yourself out there. Learn to network with other kids, and find admirable qualities in each person. Take every chance to learn something new instead of being a Janoa-it-all."
- Janoa Taylor

A Letter to Little Me: About that Suntan

It's ok to be paler than your peers. Don't use baby oil on your face when sun tanning.
It's ok to be paler than your peers. Don't use baby oil on your face when sun tanning.

"Dear Kimmy, I know you're looking at all of your classmates with their incredible tans and you're thinking, 'I wish I could spend all weekend at the beach getting bronzed instead of here at home working on homework.' However, I'd like to tell you that, under no circumstances this December, even on that one especially lovely week during Christmas break, should you attempt to even the score by sitting on your parents' back patio with a book in one hand, an iced tea in the other… and baby oil on your face, in an attempt to speed up the process. I have a promise to make you: except for the dark spots on your face, suspiciously near where the oil would have been applied, your skin is otherwise much nicer, more supple, and younger-looking than many of your peers."
- Kimberly Morgan

Dear Kid Self: Your Life Will Be OK

"Let me put to rest your fear of our scary third-grade teacher. When you grow up and buy your first house: she's your neighbor. Surprise! I know; you thought she was 80 back then. Turns out you're going to make her tea and sit by her bedside holding her fragile hand. You'll provide her comfort after the death of her sister. Hard to believe that someday this woman, who wasn't scary, just lonely, will be your dear friend. Hang in there. Life is a beautiful."
- Cathy A. Montville

Dear Little Pam

"Throughout life you will hear, 'Time heals all wounds.' I'm not so sure that statement is true. I don't want to mislead you, Little Pam. Some wounds will heal, but time will allow you to set other wounds aside, live with them, and move on. Always keep in mind there is someone out there more broken than you."
- P. Query

Dear Nadirah: Finding Strength in Memories

Even if you lost your mom too soon, you'll find strength in memories.
Even if you lost your mom too soon, you'll find strength in memories.

"The pain of your mom passing away will never fully go away, but eventually, the sting will begin to fade. Don't focus on what you've lost, just remember what you had. And when the day comes that you have a child of your own, don't doubt your ability to take care of him. Your mom may not have been able to teach you everything, but she did leave you a great example to follow."
- Nadirah Khalifah