National Grandparents Day: Honoring Grandma and Grandpa with Special Memories

Photo by: Vivian Lee
"Having fought in the Korean War, my grandpa would always tell me horror stories from the trenches, especially those stinky dung-holes they had to dig themselves in to avoid getting killed.

I loved listening to his wartime stories, because it transported me to places that only my wildest imagination could take me. That's a childhood treasure I'll remember for a lifetime." -- Vivian Lee

When I was growing up, my grandma Shirley baked me Biscochitos, New Mexico's official state cookie, carefully packaging them in an empty Folgers coffee can and sending them up to Idaho every Christmas; and my grandpa Mackie took every opportunity to "pull my hair" if I didn't present him with at least one precious package of peanut M&Ms from my Halloween candy collection. My grandpa Bill patiently tried to teach me how to play tennis, but I would have rather hunted for "treasures," like unique rocks and lost pennies, in the high school parking lot with my grandma Fran. These memories of love, stability, and friendship are not unlike many others' memories of their own "Pop" and "Gramma."

September 8 marks National Grandparents Day, a day to celebrate the homemade cookies, hugs, lessons, and stories from grandmas and grandpas everywhere. We asked Shine readers to share memories of time spent with their grandparents, whether they helped raise you, sparked your creativity, or spoiled you on your birthday. Here are a few reasons why we will always honor and love our grandmothers and grandfathers. Happy Grandparents Day!

Tell us, why do you love your grandparents?

-- Ali Swank