Nanny Leaves Young Kids in Hot Car to Go Tanning


- It's a beautiful 90-degree day in Portland, Ore. Where does a 23-year-old nanny take a 3-year-old and 1-month-old? To a tanning salon, according to court documents, where the young children were left locked in a van until their screams led the cops to be called.

According to those documents, obtained by KOIN, a responding officer reported that he could feel heat "radiating from [the older child] through his bulletproof vest" and that the boy was "soaked in sweat" in the May 15 incident. The Dodge Caravan's windows were all closed, and KFOR notes that temps can jump 40 degrees in as little as an hour on a hot day.

The nanny, Kristin Marie Jones, first told the officer that she had left the children in the car with their mother-and later admitted to making this up because she was scared. She pleaded not guilty on Friday to all charges (which in addition to counts of first-degree child neglect, includes a count of driving while suspended); her trial is set for Aug. 18. Jones' resume is already peppered with convictions, among them two separate DUI convictions in 2012 and a 2009 conviction for second-degree theft. (The latest on a much more high-profile case of a child being left in a car: Cooper Harris' mother researched hot-car deaths.)

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