These Are the Most Popular Disney Princesses of All Time

Surprising no one, Elsa and Anna are among the top five most popular Disney princesses, continuing Frozen's total domination of...well, everything.

To measure the popularity of each princess (regardless of how long they've been around), the ranking was based on how much money each made through the re-sale of their Disney merchandise (like dolls, T-shirts, etc.) on e-Bay, from May 2013 until now. Earning over $3 million, Elsa took the top spot, with little sis Anna coming in fourth just after Snow White and Cinderella!

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While we love a handsome prince charming, it's kind of cool that the most popular princess didn't end up with a prince-or any guy at all. It just goes to show you that prom dates and fitting in aren't everything.

Check out the rest of the list:

1. Elsa - $3,397,816

2. Cinderella - $2,504,259

3. Snow White - $2,301,831

4. Anna -$2,165,12

5. Ariel - $1,483,384

6. Rapunzel - $598,056

7. Aurora - $215,856

8. Merida - $282,188

9. Jasmine - $253,102

10. Tiana- $84,882

Are you surprised Elsa is the most popular Disney princess? Which is your fave? Comment below!


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