A New Mom's Guide to Internet Acronyms

When I was a FTM, newly PG, I became addicted to a message board on a very popular site for moms. I called them "the boards" and would frequently begin conversations with my husband by saying, "Well, the girls on the boards say..." He begged me to quit. But I was addicted. I found it deeply therapeutic to immerse myself in world of women talking and griping about cervical fluid, mucous plugs and who was gaining the least pregnancy weight. It was only after the pregnancy hormones exited my body, and my baby was six months old, did I finally break myself of the habit. The world of online forums is an entire culture of it's own with it's own rules, etiquette and language. Here is a brief primer to the most relevant acronyms. If you need more, here is a full list of baby board abbreviations. Good luck.
-By Lyz Lenz

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