Mom Encourages Other Parents to 'Let It Go' in Amazing Song Spoof

Let It Go” has been dubbed the kids anthem of 2014, with children around the world obsessed with the hit from the animated flick “Frozen.” But the song has resonated with another group as well: Moms. (You know, those selfless women who have to listen to Idina Menzel’s ballad on repeat regardless of their own musical preferences.)

Deva Dalporto is one of those women and, at some point — possibly around 1,000 plays — the words started to take on a different meaning. From there, the blogger and mother of two from California morphed the Disney lyrics into a mom-approved anthem. 

Wearing some brand-spankin’ new yoga pants, a teal shirt to match protagonist Princess Elsa’s gown, yellow rubber gloves, pink goulashes, her 7-year-old daughter’s princess crown, and her 4-year-old son’s Spiderman cape, Dalporto sings (mostly off-tune) about the unglamorous actualities of parenting. “My whole thing is not sugar-coating. I talk about the reality of being a parent," she tells Yahoo Shine. " It’s not always fun and Legos."

From lack of sleep and endless loads of laundry to never getting alone time and not showering until noon, she touches on nearly every often-taboo topic about being a mom — number two included — and acts them out as well (proving that she really is a great multitasker) in the goofy video. Some of Dalporto’s most inspired lyrics include “It’s time to see what I can do when my hands aren’t covered in your poo” and “I’ll never get my abs back, the past is in the past.” Fellow moms seem to really be connecting with what Dalporto is crooning. One commenter even asked her, "This is my life, are you in my house?"

Perhaps it’s Dalparto's honesty that has made the video a viral sensation. “I’m a perfectionist and perfect doesn’t work when you’re parenting,” she admits. “So you’ve really gotta let it go.” Yes indeed.