Kim Kardashian's VIP Hospital Suite vs. Real Maternity Wards: A Comparison

When regular people go to the hospital to have their babies, here’s what they generally worry about: Will the epidural guy get there in time? Will my doctor be on duty? Will my roommate snore?

When celebrities go to the hospital to have their babies, their concerns tend to be…different. For example: Will the most luxurious suite in the maternity ward—the one I am totally entitled to—be available when I need it? Or will some B-lister wriggle her way in first?

Kim Kardashian, who gave birth to her daughter last weekend, falls within the latter category, obviously. But in case there was any confusion, a story about her big worry has surfaced, revealing that when she first arrived to Cedars-Sinai for the delivery, she didn’t score the fancy celeb suite she was hoping for because they were all full with other VIPs, including Dwight Howard’s baby mama. She did get a luxury suite, natch, but get this: She was reportedly kicked out after only two nights, according to hospital policy, which Kardashian was not reportedly pleased with. 

Herewith, a breakdown of worry-inducing maternity ward details, as compared to those of the celeb set:

Regular: The average size of a regular hospital room is about 300 to 400 square feet. Mounted TV costs extra, and only gets four stations. Lighting is harsh.
Celeb: The coveted Cedars-Sinai suites, which costs upwards of $3,320 a day, have at least two rooms and two baths, include recessed lighting and sweeping city views and flat-screen TVs, have juice-stocked fridges, and toss in a plush, hotel-style robe as a special gift.

Regular: You get canned peaches and Jell-O in those little paper accordion cups.
Celeb: At Cedars-Sinai, both parents receive three meals per day from deluxe food services, with vegetarian and vegan options available, while “deluxe meals” for additional guests are available at an extra cost. Oh, and don’t forget the complimentary basket of fresh fruit and muffins.

Regular: Shower curtain. Over-the-bed tray on wheels. Eighty-pound wooden chair with beige seat cushion. Particle-board night table.
Celeb: Cedars-Sinai has flat-screen TV, stereo system, full-size bathtubs, sleek hotel-style couches and dining areas, free Wifi, cozy lounge area.

Regular: Nursing staff, lactation consultant, occasional doctor. Candy striper?
Celeb: At Cedars-Sinai, you’ll get a “mother’s assistant” who can “attend to the needs of you and your baby during your hospital stay,” according to the hospital’s website—not to mention a complete salon staff, which will provide en suite services from haircuts to pedicures for an additional fee. Oh, and a top medical staff, of course.