Kate Middleton's Maternity Style: What Will the Royal Mom-to-Be Wear?

Photo by: Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Kate Middleton has her work cut out for her. As the world's fashion ambassador, she'll have to negotiate trend-setting with palace propriety. Royal expert and author, Charles Jacoby, predicts her maternity look will be, above all, understated. "It's going to be demure," Jacoby tells Shine. "There is a major enquiry into press standards at the moment so it could be borderline Edwardian."

Move over Hollywood moms, there's a new maternity fashion icon. With Kate Middleton pregnant, the clothing industry is giddily anticipating a "Kate Effect" for the baby bump set. "Everything from styles through fabrics to designers are going to benefit," royal expert Charles Jacoby tells Yahoo! Shine. The biggest benefactors, of course, will be those lucky designers who become Kate's go-to stylists for the next nine months. So who will they be and how will Kate's look evolve with impending motherhood? We've got some ideas.