Joy to the World: 10 Baby Names that Literally Mean "Happy"

10 baby names that literally mean
10 baby names that literally mean

Everyone has different baby-naming styles

, but me? I'm big into the meanings behind names. Maybe it's the writer in me - the unapologetic word lover - but a negative or dull meaning will always and forever be a deal breaker.

We chose Noah for its soft sound and peaceful meaning, probably because that's what we needed at the time. We were in a zen space, desperately hoping for a peaceful transition into unexpected parenthood. Yet I'm positive that if we have a second child, my main name inspiration will be HAPPINESS. Because if there's one thing I hope for my child, it's to find a way to live in happiness and to bring happiness to others.

So in that spirit, here are 10 adorable baby names that literally mean "happy."

1. Allegra

Meaning: Joyous
Musicians will recognize "allegro" as meaning "lively tempo," which makes the feminized "Allegra" an attractive choice. It also has creative roots with the prima ballerina Allegra Kent, as well as daughters of Lord Byron and Donatella Versace.

2. Asher
Meaning: Fortunate, "happy one"
One of the names on the rise, Asher (a cooler version of Ashton perhaps?) has a soft sound, a strong heritage (with biblical references), and a lighthearted meaning. It's no surprise that parents are starting to catch on.

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3. Beatrice

Meaning: She who brings happiness
A top contender for parents looking for a classic name with a positive meaning - plus has tons of upbeat nicknames, like Bea, Bee, and Trixie.

4. Blythe
Meaning: Free spirit, happy
Perhaps best known on actress Blythe Danner (Gwyneth Paltrow's mom), this happy girl's name is starting to be seen more often in the "baby name" community, although it's still a relatively under-the-radar pick.

5. Cayo
Meaning: The happy one
If you're into the trendy -o ending (Bruno, Leo, Milo, Apollo, etc.), Cayo is a unique option with a positively cheerful meaning.

6. Chara
Meaning: Joy
If you want a happy, joyous name that's not an obvious word (a la Joy and Merry), Chara means the same exact thing. And it's sort of like a unique offshoot of Sarah.

7. Fane
Meaning: Happy, joyous
A unique, off-the-map name that used to be a nickname for someone who was cheerful back in the Middle Ages. I happen to love this name for a boy or girl!

8. Felix
Meaning: Happy, fortunate
Once upon a time, Felix was characterized by Felix the Cat and the grouchy half of The Odd Couple, Felix Unger. Yet this name is having a well-deserved revival for the upbeat name that's brimming with personality and spunk.

9. Hilary
Meaning: Cheerful, happy
Contrary to your initial instinct, the name Hilary goes far beyond Hilary Clinton - all the way to its roots in "hilarious." If Hilary is too political for you, consider its Italian version "Ilaria."

10. Isaac
Meaning: Laughter
Its conservative, Biblical roots might give it a distinguished vibe; but Isaac (quickly climbing the popularity charts, by the way) means laughter.

- By Michelle Horton
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