How YOU Can Support Military Moms-to-Be

Military moms face a unique situation - often uprooted from their lifelong support systems of childhood friends, family and close relatives they follow their husband's career around the nation. Until he is deployed overseas - then what?

If this timing comes while a military wife is pregnant, it can be even more difficult! Not only has her main source of support been taken away, but also the partner who should be doing things like baby registries and childbirth education classes with her.

Thankfully there are two fabulous organizations dedicated to supporting and providing an extra helping hand for these military wives during what should be a time of blessing. See how these organizations support pregnant military wives and find out how you can help!

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Operation Shower

Operation Shower is a non-profit organization dedicated to throwing amazing and joy-filled baby showers for expectant military wives. The first unit-wide shower took place in 2007 and since then Operation Shower has worked to bless as many expectant military wives as possible.

The showers often provide much-needed emotional support, as well as physical items, for pregnant military wives. They can be held for as many of 50-100 women at the same time! Interested to find out more? Donate or Volunteer and help spread the word.

Operation Special Delivery

Operations Special Delivery is an organization dedicated to the ideal that no woman should give birth alone, without a support person there specifically for HER. If a pregnant woman finds herself with a spouse that is deployed, she can apply for a doula through Operation Special Delivery.

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Many labor support doulas, myself included, have volunteered their time and services in case a woman finds herself in this situation. Operation Special Delivery was born out the attacks of 9-11 when, like many of us felt, a doula nearby wanted to do SOMETHING. Her feeling was echoed by doulas in 20 other states around the nation, and the beginnings of the OSD organization were formed.

If you are a military wife who will be alone around the time of your due date and would like information about finding a doula, please phvisit the Operation Special Delivery website and learn more!

Our military wives serve our country in so many ways that it's a blessing to see organizations like these two working to support them in turn.

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