Gone to Pieces: 6 Newly Sexualized Kids' Toys from the '80s

Photo by: Rachel Marie Stone
80s Era Queen Frostine
Here, the queen of Candy Land is round and childlike with an innocent, non-suggestive expression.
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I consider myself fairly vigilant when it comes to monitoring June's media exposure. She watches the occasional Sesame Street, Caillou or Letter Factory DVDs but a story in The Atlantic yesterday about the sexing up of even Candy Land - Candy Land! - is a reminder that parents have to be careful about what sort of toys our kids plays with too. The classic child's board game is just the latest in a long list of examples of kids' toys in which the characters have become more sexualized, longer, leaner and sassier over time. At first glance, this may seem banal - so what if the 2013 version of Candy Land's Queen Frostine is a few pounds lighter than the 80s version? Well, it does matter-a lot, and there is ample research to back it up. Constant exposure to unrealistic beauty standards and hyper sexualized imagery is directly linked to low body satisfaction and diminished self esteem, according to body image expert Thomas F. Cash in his book Body Image: A Handbook of Science, Practice and Prevention. There is evidence that in girls as young as five watching appearance focused TV predicts body dissatisfaction. In fact, some 40 to 50 percent of kids between the ages of 6-12 already say they don't like their size or shape. Here are 6 disturbingly sexualized kids' characters I DON'T want my daughter exposed to:
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