I Followed My Kids to Sleepaway Camp -- Now What?

Oh, yes I did...
Oh, yes I did...

I have a confession, well I should call it an announcement, but it feels more like something I must divulge in a hat, glasses and a wig … I'm followed my kids 1000 miles away, to sleepaway camp.

Oh, you read that correctly, Jenny from the Blog, a 40 something Gen X mom, went back to camp with her kids in a series called: JennyFromTheBunk - I Followed My Kids to Sleepaway Camp - Now What? (hashtag #JennyFromTheBunk) I toyed around with One Crazy Summer - A Neurotic Mom Goes Freakin' Crazy And Goes to Camp Too, but the coinciding hashtag would be too long. I'm pretty sure I made the right choice. Plus, the first name has "Now What" in it, and that's really the big question…

Well, there are lots of questions and I intend to answer them all during a summer of spying, avoiding bugs and pretending I can relive my youth. Here are just a few:

  • Why would anyone ever do this on purpose?

  • Are there bugs at camp these days?

  • Will my house fall apart without me?

  • Will my husband cheat on me … or worse eat steak and cake every night and need to be cut out of our bedroom when I return?

  • Will I fall in love with a counselor that has an awesome accent and leave my hubs for the glamorous life of being the with the guy who works the rock wall at fairs in Great Britain?

  • Will my pets survive without me - my husband has already asked where he can buy fish that look like Ryan's (so I know they're goners). Will I survive without my cat (yes I'm that person).

  • Can I pull off Soffe shorts with the tops rolled over?

  • Can I survive doing what the campers and staff do, like, pass the lake test? Make it through the ropes course? Let go on the zipline? Get up on water-skis? Survive a day working in the infirmary? Not fall asleep, being on OD? Wear flats?

  • Will I make it through a summer without Big Brother? What if it's an all star cast, again? Could I miss that?

  • Is there a Starbucks on the premises? Will there be lattes? Will I survive without a green colored smoothie?

  • How will I know what goes best with morning announcements -- a wedge or a stiletto?

  • Am I supposed to ignore my kids when I see them?

  • Will I get dirty playing mud football on a rainy day?

  • Will I get eaten by a bear?

  • Will I be able to do staff skits or talents shows? Is sarcasm a talent?

  • Can I dress as something inconspicuous and spy on my kids who I've told I will give independence? Like maybe I could dress as a cook or a bush or a basketball???

  • Am I still a tetherball, ping-pong and jacks champion that I paint myself to be in my selective memory?

  • If there's Chinese jump rope, will I remember how to do it? And will I pee a little on the floor of a girls bunk, every time I land and blame it on one of the other kids?

  • Will my daughter Ry (the child with the attitude pretend not to know me if we pass each other) and send me to my cabin to cry quietly?

  • Will I find out what really goes on at camp and whether my nervousness about parting with my kids is founded or just based on crazy helicopter mom tendencies brought on by my adult onset combo of ADD, OCD and generalized anxiety disorder, which DSM IV calls GXPD (Gen X Parenting Disorder).

  • Are the things that worry me even founded? Like are the kids actually supervised? Are counselors aware of bullying? Are kids left to cry when they're homesick, like some horrible version of tween ferberizing? Do the kids run on rocky terrain in flip-flops while sucking on hard candies?

  • Do the photographers make the kids smile in pictures to make sure the kids look like they're having fun, but really they're being forced to make fake Nikes and Reeboks to sell on the black market?

  • Do the camp pictures really load that slowly or is there some evil techie on the other side twisting his handlebar mustache as he puts in one picture every 47 seconds?

  • Can I take a two minute shower? (It'll be hard only because I tend to forget what I've already washed and redo stuff. Maybe a waterproof checklist.)

  • Will I get all the crappy jobs on the chore wheel?

  • Is there someone in the laundry who purposely shrinks their clothes and switches them into other kid's bags.

  • Is the fact that I'm living with 6 women (I don't know) in a cabin in the woods the beginning of The Real Housewives of Camp Lenox, an MTV Real World - Camp Edition, or a horror movie?

  • Is camp these days even remotely similar to the way it was when I was a kid?

  • Will you follow the series and see what kind of humor, sentiment, Gen X nostalgia, anarchy and craziness ensues? Please.

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