Florida School District Bans Cheerleader Uniforms in Class Because They Violate Dress Code

A Florida school district won't let cheerleaders wear their uniforms to class because they're too sexy.

The move could be called hypocritical, as the district is also responsible for issuing the very same skirts and tops they're banning because they violate the dress code.

As the New York Daily News reports, Countryside High School principal Gary Schlereth says the district instituted a stricter dress code this year and the short skirts and sleeveless tops don't make the cut.

"The skirts were just too short," Northeast High School principal Kevin Hendrick told the Tampa Bay Times.

Surprisingly, the new rules have upset some of the cheerleaders' parents.

"The girls are there to promote the school," Norma Fraser, whose daughter Jeana Fraser is a sophomore cheerleader on the varsity squad at Countryside, told ABC News Tampa Bay. "My daughter loves Countryside. She wants this to be a positive thing and she wants to keep the tradition and so do I."

"If it's an approved school uniform - which it was approved, by the administration, years ago - why is it out of dress code?" Christine Johnson, whose daughter is on Countryside High School's varsity cheerleading squad, told the Times. "And why can they wear it in front of thousands of people at a football field if they can't wear it on game day at school?"

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While I see the logic in their arguments, I disagree. If a non-cheerleader wore a mini skirt of the same size to school, she would be kicked out in a heartbeat because the skirt is inappropriate. Or hey! What if wrestlers wanted to wear their suits (which basically cover as much as the cheer uniform pictured above) to school on game day? So why should a cheerleader be able to walk the halls in her mini? The dress code should apply to everyone. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to show school spirit on game day. Cheer shirts, leggings under skirts - if that fits within the dress code.

Allowing a small group of people special privileges inspires negativity. There is already a kind of we're-the-cool-kids aura that surrounds cheerleaders and football players, so why exaggerate that with uniforms in classrooms?

Full disclosure: I was a cheerleader. In Utah. I was not allowed to wear my uniform to class because the skirt was too short and violated the school dress code.

At the time I, along my fellow cheerleaders, was very upset about this. I have a vague, embarrassing recollection of trying to stage some kind of cheerleader sit-in during which we refused to go home and change. This, of course, lasted all of ten minutes.

In hindsight, and as the mother of a 5-year-old daughter, I fully understand and support my school's decision not to let us wear those skimpy skirts to class. What about you? How do you feel about cheerleaders wearing skimpy skirts to class on game day? And if the skirts are too skimpy for the classroom, are they too skimpy for the football field?

-By Monica Bielanko

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