Fauxhawk Still Cool, but Justin Bieber's Shag Is the New 'Do

When kids want a cool haircut, they (or their moms) look to alternatots like Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale for inspiration. Brad Pitt and Angelina's Jolie's oldest son made the modified mohawk mainstream some years ago with 74 percent percent of LilSugar readers saying they were fans. Since the style has had staying power, I chatted with Cozy Friedman, founder of Cozy's Cuts for Kids on how a mom should advise a stylist to chop their child's locks to achieve the look. She also told us which teen heartthrob is making hair waves these days.

BabySugar: What is the difference between a mohawk and a fauxhawk, and why are they so popular?

Cozy Friedman:
A Mohawk is completely shaved on the sides and a mini-mohawk or "fauxhawk" is just buzzed on the sides so it's not as short. Your typical fauxhawk would leave hair on top approximately two-inches long. Maddox Jolie-Pitt popularized this trend. I think that this trend is definitely still popular, but it's more so with the little ones than with the older boys, so it's really the parents asking for it for their kids. The fauxhawk modification definitely made the style more mainstream. I think that the trend is great because any time a kid is expressing themselves through their hair they are happy and feel more confident, which is a really positive thing.

BabySugar: What are some ways the style can be created that make both kids and their parents happy?

Cozy Friedman:
The best way to compromise on this style . . . is to make the cut not as drastic. Keep the sides longer and the top not as high. What makes the trend really drastic is the difference between the sides and the top, so coming to a good balance is best.

BabySugar: What tools should you use?
Cozy Friedman: Depending on how thick or thin the hair is, is how you would decide what number clipper cut to do on the sides and back. We would never recommend going lower than a two, because that is practically bald. Typically we'd use a number two or three, but for a less dramatic look, a number four is good (it is also good for children with very thin hair). Scissors are used for the top.

BabySugar: What are the best products to use to keep the fauxhawk looking good?

Cozy Friedman:
Gel is the best product to use to style this cut. Kids can have a lot of fun making different shapes with the top and styling it in their own way. It's important to use an alcohol-free gel that won't dry out the hair.

BabySugar: What new things are you seeing for Summer?

Cozy Friedman:
The biggest trend right now among boys is the Justin Bieber shaggy, fringe cut. All of the older boys are wearing this, where the hair is literally brushed forward over the front of the forehead and face. Trends usually start with the older kids and trickle down so I'm sure it won't be long before the younger kids are wearing this too. Every Summer, the most popular look among boys is a buzz cut like Brooklyn Beckham. No matter what trend the boys are wearing, they'll shave their heads in the Summer because it's easier to manage and cooler when you're outside running around in the hot sun. I have two boys who are currently wearing the Justin Bieber trend, but I'm sure in another month or two they will be buzzing their hair. It's a classic look that just never goes out of style. For girls, a great Summer style is loose, beachy waves a la Abigail Breslin or Apple Martin. [It] can be achieved by running a quarter-sized amount of So Cozy Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen through damp hair, twisting small sections around your fingers, and letting air-dry. Loose waves are a relaxed and "beachy" look, which is perfect for the warm Summer months.

Source: LilSugar

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