Family Gets Restaurant Discount Thanks to Their Well-Behaved Kid

A family in Canada got a special surprise while dining out for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday: a discount on their meal, simply for having a child who didn’t terrorize the dining room. Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary presented the reward on the bill, which included the itemized line “Well Behaved Kids” and $5 off the $54 total.

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Reddit user “looseONtheGoose” posted an image of the receipt online, noting, “Out for Mother’s Day brunch today with our one-year-old daughter, when we received our bill.” The post quickly received more than 48,000 upvotes and nearly 3,000 comments, digressing into topics from the state of dining taxes in cities around the world to the menu items at Carino. (In response to a question about the Okonomi Waffles on the bill, for example, the redditor explained, “It had pork belly, a rich brown sauce, a poached egg, cabbage, fish flakes and a sprinkle of magic that made all those ingredients taste amazing together.”)

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Yahoo Shine reached the redditor, Daley Welsh, who says the discount came as a lovely surprise. “I feel it was just a really nice gesture,” he says, “and it really made my wife’s Mother’s Day special, affirming her hard work as a parent for the last year.” Carino owner Toshi Carino tells Yahoo Shine in an email, "We welcome the kids and wanted to show some appreciation for kids (of course for parents!) with dining manners." She adds that Welshes were a "beautiful family" with a baby who was impressively "calm in the crowd."

Welsh describes the restaurant as a small, 35-seat eatery that has no room for strollers and is “not the most kid-friendly place.” Still, he and his wife, Alicia, frequented the place for dates before having their daughter, Evie, and they had a hankering on Sunday. Luckily, Evie was having a good day. “Our daughter is like most babies,” Welsh says. “She has her on and off days. We avoid taking her out if she’s fussy.”

Not all parents are as mindful, which leads, from time to time, to angry public standoffs. Last year, for example, a family dining at a Texas Applebee’s made the news after their rowdy kids prompted management to call the police. Other stories include a family being kicked off an airplanes for having out-of-control children, a Washington café facing backlash after shaming rowdy pint-sized customers on Facebook, and some restaurants deciding to ban children from its dining room during peak hours. A recent Harris Poll found that America’s No. 1 pet peeve is parents who let their little ones run wild in public.  

So it’s understandable, then, why some establishments might be inspired to reward families for good behavior — something that also happened in Washington last year, when a family with three polite  children aged 2, 3, and 8 received a $4 discount from Sogno di Vino. "We don't expect handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food,” mom Laura King had written on her blog at the time. “But it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light."

It’s the same graciousness echoed by Daley about his family's Mother’s Day surprise, who assures Yahoo Shine, “I won’t expect the discount the next time I dine there — even if [Evie] is being just as sweet as she was yesterday.”

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