Evil Baby Glare-Off: Little Kids Who Make Angry Look Awesome

Grinning babies are cute and all, but instead of smiling for the camera, these tiny tots honed their most blood-curdling scowls and ice-cold stares for a contest that takes cute to a whole new level.

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A quick look through the many, many submissions for the annual Mommy Shorts Evil Baby Glare-Off shows that some tots have their mad face down pat.

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"This is the second year I have done the contest," Ilana Wiles, an advertising creative director who blogs about her New York City life with a toddler at MommyShorts.com, told Yahoo! Shine in an email. "There seem to be no shortage of evil baby pictures! Plus, I love that parents can't get too upset if their kid loses. All it means is that your child is not that evil looking."

"I hold photo contests on my site regularly and I'm always looking for humorous ways to feature kids," she added. "The people who read my site are parents who don't take themselves too seriously, appreciate the difficulties of parenthood and just want to be entertained."

The 2012 Glare-Off launched about a week ago, with 32 contestants and an illustrated, printable bracket sheet. Readers voted their favorites through to the next rounds, and the winner was named Monday night. Her fierce face is a sight to behold.

"If Kadence were my kid, I would be toting her around wherever I went, using the glare as necessary," wrote Wiles. "What do you mean, the chef doesn't do substitutions?, Are you SURE I was going over the speed limit, Officer? I think maybe you should reconsider your 'bathroom for customers only' policy... and so forth. Never again would I be stuck with an ill-fitting shirt that can't be returned, a loan that can't get approved or a shopkeeper too busy to help. With Kadence by side, the world would be MINE!!!!"

Kadence's scowl narrowly beat out Lil D, a Glare-Off veteran who was gracious in her defeat. At least, her mom seems to say she was.

"Lil D would just like to say thank you to those who voted for her: you are safe," her mom, Kelly of Dances with Chaos, joked in the comments. "For those who voted for Kadence, whatever you do, don't fall asleep."

Take a look at some of the contenders in the video, below. Who knew evil could look so adorable?