Dramatic Delivery: Woman Gives Birth in Hospital Lobby

Talk about speedy delivery: Impatient baby Dayana made quite the entrance into the world, and it wasn’t in a delivery room. Her mom, Susana Privada, didn’t even get past the hospital's front desk before giving birth to the baby girl on the lobby floor just before 7 a.m. on Wednesday at Miami’s Jackson South Community Hospital. And the dramatic delivery was all captured on a hospital surveillance camera.

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Privada, who had arrived at the hospital after feeling some pain earlier that morning, can be seen in the video slumping over the desk, saying that she’s in labor. At a hospital press conference on Thursday, she said, “I just asked for the wheelchair, but I said at the same time, ‘It’s out, it’s out.’” The South Florida mom was lying on the floor with her husband, Carlos Saravia, at her feet when nurse Libardo Lozano arrived for work at just the right time.

At the press conference, Lozano told reporters, “I was actually running because I didn’t want to be late for my job.” Once he saw the now-three-time mom on the floor in labor, he got to work, helping to deliver Privada’s baby in just a few minutes.

After the baby was delivered, Lozano, who is a surgical nurse, noticed that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, so he maneuvered her to unwrap it. He said that he started to get nervous because the baby was quiet, but after he cleaned her eyes and mouth, baby Dayana began to cry. 

“I never encountered [something like this] in my life, delivering a baby [with] my own hands,” he told TODAY Moms about his first delivery.

The lobby where Privada gave birth mainly handles appointments and visits, according to Jackson Health System media relations specialist Beverly Counts Rodrigues. She told Yahoo! Shine that they don’t usually experience emergencies, since the ER is on the other side of the hospital. While it initially looks as if no one is coming to Privada's aid in the video, she said that the staff was calling for a wheelchair and trying to locate a doctor.

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Even though her entrance into the world was rushed, baby Dayana and her mother are doing just fine. “She’s so beautiful,” Privada gushed during the press conference.

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