Devoted Fans of Talia Joy Castellano Fulfill Her Bucket List

Talia Joy Castellano, the 13-year-old YouTube star, died Tuesday after bravely battling cancer. Talia had collected hundreds of thousands of fans with her spunky personality and inspiring beauty tutorials, all while fighting neuroblastoma and leukemia for six years. In an outpouring of love, the honorary CoverGirl's faithful supporters are paying tribute to the young beauty guru and checking items she never got a chance to fulfill off of her bucket list.

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Five days before she passed away, Talia created a bucket list of 74 items and posted it on her Facebook page, 'Angels for Talia.' Her hand-written bucket list included: write a letter to your crush, get a tattoo, send a message in a bottle, cover a car in sticky notes, and go to a drive-in movie. Using the hashtag #taliasbucketlist, Talia's family is posting hundreds of photos of completed bucket list items from loyal fans who are carrying out her dreams.

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The bubbly teen also hoped to meet Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who sent her a touching video message just before she died. Between singing around a campfire and giving free hugs all day, one of the most important items on Talia's bucket list was number 41: "be loved." We think that one can be scratched off her list repeatedly.

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