Daily Shot: How to Be the Perfect Woman!

Ali and John discuss the Men's Health list of the 11 things that make up the perfect woman - according to men:

1. You laugh at their jokes
2. You're 2-4 years younger than they are
3. You have a nice smile
4. You have big breasts
5. You have long legs
6. You have your own career and money
7. You have little feet
8. You're educated
9. You wear red
10. You have narrow hips
11. You have brown hair

Ali thinks this is a load of malarky. After all, beauty's in the eye of the beholder. The qualities that she thinks make up the perfect woman? Somebody who has a sense of humor, cares about the world, and is a girls' girl.

What qualities do you think make up the perfect woman? Tell us in the comments!

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