Dad Gives Baby Girl Mustache, and it Really Suits Her

It's an old cliché: leave the kids with dad and all hell breaks loose. In this Redditor's case, it sort of did, or at least all hair broke loose.

On Thursday, a mom who identified herself as 6453643 posted a picture of her daughter titled "I leave my husband with the baby for 10 min..", and it rocketed to the top of the Reddit front page. She said she became suspicious something was up when she saw her husband brushing-and even parting-the girl's wispy hair to prep for the prank.

The picture shows the infant in a diabolical mustache and eyebrow combo that mom writes was made of construction paper. Dad even accessorized his daughter's new style with a jaunty pink bow. Looking' good, baby.

(photo: Imgur)
(photo: Imgur)

Aside from making a couple of thousand of commenter's days, it inspired another mother to share her photo, taken courtesy of Grandma. "When our now-three-year-old was a newborn, I was a little sad to leave him to go to a baby shower one day," wrote forever_monstro. "My mom was watching him and, knowing that I was bored and unppy where I was, texted me this photo of him to cheer me up."

Apparently, baby 'staches are the new cat beards.