Cities Where Kids Are the Most Spoiled

Little princess
Little princess

The Eloise series by author Kay Thompson was written in the 1950s and depicts a precocious six-year-old who lives in Manhattan's posh Plaza Hotel with her British nanny and a pet pug named Weenie. She tyrannizes the staff, dines on room service, and generally behaves like an adorable little spoiled brat. According to's new infographic of which city's parents spend the most on their children, real kids in Manhattan are still the most spoiled in the United States and their mini-hipster neighbors in Brooklyn are a close second. New York's two wealthiest boroughs also happen to be the most expensive places to live in the United States.

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Manhattan is a place where baby sophisticates are raised on takeout sushi and parents pull strings to get their two-year-olds into $30,000-a-year nursery schools, so it goes with the territory that grown-ups spend nearly twice as the national average on their precious tots. To determine its rankings, Bundle looked at spending by households with children at stores that sell toys, clothing, and other services for kids over a three-year period. Out of 36 cities, they found that Nashville represented the national average. While thrifty midwestern cities, such as Columbus and Milwaukee, tended to rank on the lower end, the big surprise is that Minneapolis came in at number three. More predictably, flashy and affluent Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles all made it into the top ten spenders.

10 Cities that Spoil Kids The Most

New York, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Miami, FL

Minneapolis, MN

Tulsa, OK

Dallas, TX

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Ft. Worth, TX

10 Cities that Spoil Kids the Least

Madison, WI

Saint Paul, MN

Milwaukee, WI

Indianapolis, MN

Columbus, OH

Tucson, AZ

Raleigh, NC

Alexandria, VA

Washington, DC

Phoenix, AZ

As the old saying goes, money doesn't buy happiness. At the bottom of the list, with parents spending half the national average on their kids, is Madison, Wisconsin, a vibrant university town with a low crime rate, plenty of green space, and a great children's museum. Bundle points out that in a city like Madison, "all you need is a ball and a yard to enjoy childhood."


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