Boy's Postcard Finally Reaches Mom -- 46 Years Later

The big trip out east was going so well that 13-year-old Bert Jacobson just had to write home about it.

While traveling along the east coast with his father and cousins, buying concrete trucks and equipment for the family business, the teen took a few minutes to write a postcard to his mom, who was back in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. He mailed it from the Old Country Store Museum in Hereford, pennsylvania. In 1967.

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It showed up in her post office box on Friday -- 46 years later.

The inky postmark from a generation ago is still clearly visible, with wavy lines running over the 4-cent Lincoln stamp. Jacobson's message to his mom is written in careful script on the back.

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"Mom, Hi. We've been having a great time, and this card is a picture of where we visited. It's real nice and the man told information on antiques. He said our old things we found like axes are worth lots of money. Love, Bert."

Jacobson told Oklahoma's KOTV that he doesn't know where the postcard spent the last four and a half decades. "Under a piece of machinery," he guessed. "I don't know. I have no idea."

Luckily, he sent the card to the P.O. box of his family's concrete business, Jacobson Inc. -- the same P.O. box the company still uses today.

"The secretary went to pick up the mail, and I kind of overheard her saying 'What is this? Oh, this can't be!'" Jacobson's sister, Marilyn Hubbard, told KOTV Their mom "wasn't surprised that Bert had written her a card, but she was very surprised to took 46 years to get here," Hubbard said.

Despite the delayed service, Jacobson was happy to find out that his card had finally arrived.

"I'm sure this is one in a billion," he told KOTV. "Mine just happened to be one of them.

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