9-Year-Old Hero Saves Diabetic Mother

By Kimberly at Parenting.com

On a typical Friday evening in Frankfort, IL, Jennifer Sheridan and her daughter Aleksandra were on their way to McDonald's for dinner. Sheridan, who has type II diabetes, suddenly experienced a severe drop in her blood sugar and went into a diabetic shock, reports ABC News. She did not know what was happening and drove through a red light. The next thing she remembers is sitting in an ambulance.

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Aleksandra became aware that something was wrong when she noticed her mother driving erratically. Eventually the car veered off the road into a ditch-and that's when Aleksandra leapt into action. The girl turned off the ignition to prevent the car from hitting a tree, and then fed her mother a chocolate bar that she found in the car's cup holder, giving her tiny pieces so she wouldn't choke.

A passerby noticed the car go off the road and called 911. Once the police and fire department arrived on the scene, they presented the heroic Aleksandra with a yellow duck toy, dubbed the "Golden Duck Award for Heroes".

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Thanks to Aleksandra's quick thinking, both mother and daughter walked away unscathed.

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