8-year-old Rocker Gets Her Two Step On

8-year-old Juliet has something to thrash about.
8-year-old Juliet has something to thrash about.

Eight-year-old Juliet is about as far away from cloying bubble-gum pop as you can get. She's like the anti-Rebecca Black. And she's taking YouTube by storm with her new video, "My First Hardcore Song."

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"Let's open up this pit!" she yells, slamming on a trampoline filled with stuffed animals. She's wearing a T-Shirt that reads "I Heart Phuket," which is sure to give some helicopter parents heart palpitations. She tosses her long hair, windmills in the street, and howls.

The edgy, black-and-white video -- made by her family friend, Australian producer Rob Sharpe -- is interspersed with shots of her beloved dog, Robert, her pet fish, and Juliet in a deserted playground. And it's garnered more than 4.8 million views in about 24 hours.

Who needs sugar and spice when you can have metal and punk rock?

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