7 things no one told me about breastfeeding

Your Milk Can Come in Bloody-
Determined to nurse my first child through one year, I started prepping months before my daughter was born: I bought my pump and my pads and my lanolin cream. I picked out my Boppy and nursing tanks. I pored over the breastfeeding section of every parenting book and pregnancy magazine I could find. Still, there were many things about nursing that took me by surprise. Here are the top 7 ...

It's called Rusty Pipe Syndrome (fun name, eh?), and it's no big deal - just a sign that your breasts grew so fast that it caused an internal traffic jam. It should clear up on its own within a few days, and in the meantime, you can crack jokes about the vampire baby you hatched.

5 things you should know about breastfeeding NOW

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