60+ Green Media Gems to Inspire Kids for Earth Day

By Angela Zimmerman, Common Sense Media Editorial Content Manager

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media

Say goodbye to low-tech pen-and-paper Earth Day celebrations. This year, folks are using digital tools to build community and scatter the seeds of environmental awareness. Twitter and Pinterest have vibrant online offerings of eco tips and activity ideas, and NASA's #GlobalSelfie Campaign and Nickelodeon's "Get Dirty" initiative are amazing examples of how media can turn kids onto the cause. Whether you have an animal-enamored toddler, an elementary-aged nature lover, or a green-teen activist, these eco-friendly media picks will entertain, educate, and encourage all ages to get involved.

Have an Eco-Friendly Movie Night
These powerful family films surface the wonders of the world, from arctic climate conditions to treasures living deep within the ocean.

Turn Kids onto Green TV
Environmental TV can deliver sweeping views of distant scenery and offer a glimpse into the habitats of exotic species -- right from your living room.

Saving the World One Game at a Time
These eco-friendly simulation games and interactive environmental stories teach kids the importance of going green.

Go Green Online
Kid-friendly websites like these will encourage budding environmentalists and teach them about sustainability.

Books That Nurture Mother Nature
Everything from sweet stories of trees and animals to harrowing predictions of environmental havoc will encourage kids of any age to be kind to Mother Nature.

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