24 Unexpected Questions Every Mom Asks Herself at Some Point

What have you asked?
What have you asked?

Lately, I've found myself gauging my sanity by asking a lot of "Is it just me?" questions and by making lists of mom similarities (like, our universal Momisms) -- all in an attempt to make sure I'm not crazy and I'm not alone. Last week, I asked my Facebook Fans if it's wrong for the "Tooth Fairy" to steal money from one kid to pay the other?

(PS The answer was a resounding "No," which I think means I can use that money to pay for food delivery as well, right?)

The truth is, there's a slew of questions every mom will ask herself at least once, or daily. Here are just a few...

1. Is it really worth it to fight over them brushing their teeth every day, twice a day? I mean, they're just gonna lose them all anyway, right?

2. How much longer before one of them realizes I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing?

3. At what age do I have to tell them babies don't come from your belly button?

4. What did I do today that they will bring up years from now in therapy?

5. Will my kids ever eat things that you can't find on a kiddie menu?

6. How many times in one day can a child utter the word mom/mommy? How many times in an hour? A minute? A second?

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7. How can such a tiny adorable thing produce such an offensive odor?

8. What the hell sound does a chick make? Does it go peep-peep or chirp-chirp? Or does it squeak? (Wait, it may only squeak if you step on it, crap.)

9. Forget rinse and repeat! Will I ever be able to wash all my body parts a single time - during a single shower?

10. Is it creepy that I want to snuggle with them forever?

11. Have I gone insane, because I understand every word they're saying when no one else does.

12. How much longer 'til I get to go over to THEIR houses & mess everything up?

13. When can they get jobs?

14. Does jumping in the pool not count as a bath?

15. Will my child still be using a diaper/binky/blankie when she walks down the aisle?

16. When will he learn I really DON'T have eyes in the back of my head?

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17. Will it ever be possible to make it across my house without stepping on or tripping over a Lego, Barbie, ball, skateboard, drum stick, puzzle piece, My Little Pony, or something they got in a Happy Meal?

18. Does he deliberately aim for the area around the toilet?

19. If I freeze right now and act like a statue, will he fall back to sleep so that I can exit the room, or did I just screw up my whole night by checking on him (again)?

20. Is it considered child labor if I tell them part of the reason I had them was to answer phones, let the dog out, and bring me water?

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21. When did I become my mother?

22. When will they learn how to use Google and hence end my favorite defensive maneuver: the bold faced lie? "No movies don't play after 8PM." "No they don't give out ketchup at drive thrus." "Yes, the arcade is closed for renovations … indefinitely."

23. When did I go from being the most awesome person ever to the most uncool person to walk this Earth?

24. How long will "kisses" make everything feel better?

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