One CEO says it's time to burn your résumé — here's why


(Imagined Reality/Flickr) Set flames to your old paper résumé. By 2020, nearly half of the workforce will be comprised of millennials, according to a report released by the Kenan Flagler Business School.

That means new rules and etiquette will surface in the workplace — particularly when it comes to the way we build our personal brand.

In a recent LinkedIn post, CEO of OMD Asia Pacific Steve Blakeman says traditional paper résumés are becoming obsolete — and explains how the transition to more dynamic social media templates, such as LinkedIn, is underway.

"[LinkedIn is] much more three dimensional. Arguably it is also more personal," writes Blakeman of the professionals networking site that boasts 347 million users in over 200 countries. "A résumé isn't necessarily the best way to determine whether a potential employee will be a good social fit for the company. It’s too dry and doesn’t provide much opportunity to portray your personality, whereas LinkedIn provides more opportunities to demonstrate a little flair."

In his post, Blakeman included a qu ote from a CNN interview with Chr istina Cacioppo, a former associate at Union Square Ventures, which echoes his argument. She told CNN: " A résumé doesn't provide much depth about a candidate. Love it or hate it, social media is your new résumé. Embrace it happily, accept it begrudgingly, outsource it — whatever it takes to keep from getting left behind."

As the glamorous digital résumé takes center stage, it is important not to lose sight of the actual content — your story, experiences, and value — because ultimately, content trumps presentation, warns Chris van Someren, CEO at Ascentador.

Blakeman includes the following quote from van Someren in his LinkedIn post: " For me, the key question is not LinkedIn vs a résumé but rather what and how these media communicate about us. Consistency, focus, a well considered point-of-view and accuracy should be the essentials to sharing our career histories no matter in what forum we are presenting them."

Don't get left behind, as Cacioppo warns — but don't expect the glitz and glam of a dynamic profile to do all the talking either.

See the full LinkedIn post here.

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