The Weekly Flickr Celebrates Mother's Day

In this edition of The Weekly Flickr, we asked the Flickr community to help us celebrate the most important women in our lives: Mothers. We wanted them to share their photos and tell us “The Best Advice She Ever Gave."

We received countless photos and wanted to share a few testimonials from the photographer. Happy Mother’s Day!

After you've watched the video, be sure to check out our "Mother’s Day" galleries.

“The best advice she gave me is to lead a happy, healthy and full life, such as hers, I need to be mentally and physically strong, which is possible if I keep myself fully engaged in activities I enjoy and avoid worrying.” -KV Gopalakrishnan

"The best advice my mother gave me was: Don't ever let the negative things in life get you down." -- Sean Marc Lee

“The best advice my Mom ever gave me was to save money. It sure has come in handy at times when I've wanted to buy something that wasn't necessary, and I would think of Mom, and usually decide against the purchase. My Mom is the best, and she certainly had a lot of advice, but I think 'save money' is my favorite.” -- Doggie Luver

“The best advice she ever gave me was you have to remember to always smile and keep your head up because your smile could make anyone's day. I'm not saying don't be sad, we need a little sadness to truly appreciate the good in our lives, but at the end of the day, knowing you made someone's day with just a smile will always put a smile on your face and heart. I'm not going to be with you forever, but I want the image of your smile to be my last memory; that, would be my heaven." -- Omolade A. Oke

“More than advice, she is my example and shows me how to be better all the time.” -- M.Moraes Fotografia

“The best advice my mom gave me was to work hard and get along with others.” -- disneymike

“My mother told me to notice all the beauties of the world.” -- Room With A View

“The best advice my mom gave me was to lead by example, to never forget where I come from and be proud of who I am.” -- Patrick J. Clarke