Why Charlotte LOVED her Pearl Rabbit

For those of you who LOVE "Sex & The City" like I do, you're all familiar with Season 1, Episode 9! That's the episode where "Charlotte" got addicted to her Pearl Rabbit and would not leave her penthouse suite for 2 weeks until the "girls" staged an intervention and got her out to brunch!

This beautiful toy was the FIRST toy to give us lusty ladies three types of stimulation at once. In fact, this lovely and gorgeous toy was created in 1984...two years before I graduated from high school. Before this toy, every sex toy looked like a penis. (We love the penis, but gents, for us ladies it's all about the clitoris!)

Now pretty much every dildo or dong includes a clitoral vibrator thanks to this toy and it's creators, a company in Vallejo, CA called www.Vibratex.com . They have this toy manufactured in Japan (ahem, that means better quality, honda motor parts, one year warranty) and the Japanese are known for their small details and beautifully crafted electronics. THINK STEREO EQUIPMENT here! Who wants to buy a stereo made in Taiwan? NO ONE, that's who.

The shaft is about 3 - 4" insertable which is PERFECT. Most women are not looking for big honkin toys. I said MOST!. And, once you insert this toy about 3 - 4" you get the wonder rabbit ears which vibrate on your clitoris. NIRVANA. On top of that, this toy includes these yummy pearls that rotate and tumble around inside of the food grad vinyl vibraton which gives you a third type of stimulation. The other cool detail about this CLASSIC toy is that you can control the vibration and the rotation seperately. In fact, if you want to give this toy a gentle BEND and make a slight elbow in the shaft - you can point it in such a way that it will give you a G-SPOT toy with a clitoral stimulator. (Only switcht he vibrator on - no rotation with this special trick.)

That's the other reason I love all of the toys from Vibratex. They give you OPTIONS and VERSATILITY plus this company has thought about everything. It's certainly our bestseller and I am sure you could
poll most of the Adult Stores and Pleasure Party companies in the Bay Area and all over the U.S. and they will all tell you this is the FIRST and still the BEST and the BESTSELLING dual action dildo around.

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I have another article that I wrote about "Are you a Pearl Rabbit Girl" which might help you to decide which rabbit style toy to buy for yourself or your friends.

Blissfully, Chrystal
Miss Bliss