Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong!

Not everyone gets their dream proposal. Here, seven proposals that didn't go exactly as planned.

By Jamie Miles for

Nerves in Dubai
"My fiance flew me to Dubai to meet him, with the plan that he would propose there. There were a million romantic times when I thought he was going to do it, but he waited until three hours before I had to get on a plane to go home, because he was so nervous! A hotel room was not exactly what I had in mind." -- Roberta

Finger Food
"My husband planned on proposing to me on the beach when my family and I were visiting Nags Head, North Carolina. That night, he cooked us all dinner at the beach house we were staying at, and he ended up slicing off a little piece of his index finger. Talk about ruining the moment! He ended up proposing a few days later after we had left the beach. My family still jokes about it to this day." -- Kaitlynn

The craziest proposals of 2012!

Love Sunk
"My fiance tried to propose during our first ride on an old boat we had just bought. It was the end of October in South Dakota when it was very cold and windy, and we were on a nearly deserted lake surrounded by fields. The boat's motor died about 15 minutes in, and eventually a rubber dingy had to try to pull us to shore. Two hours later, we made it back to the dock. He decided not to propose that day after all!" -- Leah Anne

Back Scratcher
"I didn't understand that my fiance was proposing, so halfway through his romantic speech, I interrupted him and asked him to scratch my back. When he finally got down on one knee, my first emotion was mortification that I had asked him that!" -- Barbara

Pizza Party
"My fiance planned to propose to me on our anniversary at my favorite fancy restaurant, but we had an unexpected snowstorm in October that left us snowed in. We ended up getting engaged at home over Domino's Pizza!" -- Mary

Lost for Words
"My fiance is an eloquent, experienced public speaker, DJ and radio personality. When he went to propose on stage, though, he got so choked up he couldn't finish the speech he'd prepared. It was priceless and so out of character! The dance crowd loved it, of course, and luckily I knew what he was trying to say." -- Annie

Role Change
"My husband accidentally said, 'Will you be my husband?'!" -- Autumn

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